Get Excellent Grip With Car Racing Gloves

When you go full speed on the race track, you'd want to make sure you have full control of your vehicle. Not only is it crucial for winning, but it's essential for your safety too. VPW has high-quality leather car racing gloves to give you greater command of your car by increasing your grip on the steering wheel.

Why You Need Quality Racing Gloves?

A pair of high-quality racing gloves are a critical part of any racewear setup as they give you outstanding grip and control over your wheel. This helps increase your accuracy, safety and confidence while driving on a race track. Moreover, they improve your comfort by minimising the vibration when you hold the wheel. Plus, they keep your hands warm and snug in cold weather. They also preserve your steering wheel by acting as a barrier from oils, sweat, and constant rubbing from your hands.

But what makes our car racing gloves for sale even better is that they are SFI (SFI Foundation) certified. This means our racing gloves have been tested to prove flame and heat-protection capabilities. So, in case you get in an accident, our gloves can protect you from burns.

Get Full Protection with High-Performance Racewear at VPW

Complete your racing gear collection with our full range of high-performance racewear! You have to get our racing suits to get full body protection against fire! Beneath that, you can wear our comfortable racing undergarments for another layer of fire protection. Apart from our gloves, you can increase your vehicle control with our racing footwear, which helps you get a better feel and grip on the pedals. Lastly, we've got heavy-duty gear bags to help you carry your helmet, shoes and racewear while travelling.

You can find everything automotive at VPW! We are a trusted supplier of quality automotive aftermarket products. So, whether you need replacement parts or racewear, you can get it all here and experience our products’ excellent quality at amazing prices.

Shop Top Car Racing Gloves in Australia

Drive safely with the best car racing gloves from VPW! Our car racing gloves are SFI certified, designed and tested to meet specific safety requirements. You can race with confidence knowing that your safety is taken care of. Shop our racing car gloves now for a better, safer racing experience!

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