Having perfectly working wheels on a motorbike is vital, not only for its performance but also for its protection against elements and general wear and tear. Having cracked or bent wheels can lead to serious injuries and fatal accidents. To ensure your tyres are in tip-top shape at all times, VPW stocks a range of wheel supplies and parts to help you maintain or replace them.

At VPW, we have a wide range of aftermarket motorcycle tyres from Australia’s most reputable brands. They design, engineer and manufacture high-quality parts and accessories perfect for your bike.

Wire-Spoked Wheels

There’s plenty of reasons why wire-spoked wheels are still preferred by many to this day. The main reason being that these motorcycle wheels are incredibly durable. The spoked wheel structure allows the wheel to flex and give more; hence they are great for rough and uneven terrain. This is why they are the perfect wheel for Australia’s not-so-smooth roads.

Wire-spoked wheels are easier to maintain and cheaper to repair, making them a great investment. For example, if you break some spokes, you can easily replace the damaged individual parts instead of replacing the entire motorcycle wheel. To top it off, wire-spoked wheels give off that retro vibe along with the impressive classic motorbike look. This is one of the reasons why high-end brands, such as Harley Davidson, continue to sport them.

MaxSpoke Wheels

As part of VPW’s wheel and tyre range, we have a wide collection of MaxSpoke wheels. These are Attitude Inc.’s latest offering of Harley Davidson wheels. Although designed for Harley Davidson bikes, MaxSpoke can also be fitted as custom motorcycle wheels, no matter what make and model. You can be assured these wheels are compatible with stock or aftermarket rotors. In addition, MaxSpoke wheels can be used with tubeless or tube-type tyres.

40 Spoke Wire Wheels

Our 40 Spoke Wire Wheels from Attitude Inc. come with high-grade chrome spokes and nipples with billet OE style hubs. Plus, there’s no need to worry about setting them up, as these wheels are entirely assembled and include three-quarter or one-inch sealed bearings that can also be changed to fit later model applications.

Wheels Finishes

The steel motorbike rims on our wheels come in either chrome-plated or powder-coated finishes. You can also choose between polished or black steel chromium-nickel plated spokes. We have various available sizes in all black, all chrome, or black with chrome-plated steel spokes to fit your aesthetic.

Chrome-Plated vs. Powder-Coated Finish

Chrome-Plated Finish

A chrome-plated finish gives a classic, mirror-reflective surface, which is the shiny look many bike enthusiasts want for their ride. With this finish, wheels are coated with multiple layers of copper, nickel and chromium to create a shiny, reflective, and polished look. Chrome-plating is also corrosion resistant, so you won’t need a protective topcoat to prevent rust.

Powder-Coated Finish

A powder-coated finish uses dry paint and heat techniques to create a durable, sleek wheel finish that resists rust, heat, chips and scratches. It uses finely ground coloured particles and resin, which are electrically charged and sprayed onto the surface. The wheel is then heated inside a curing oven which bakes into its final finish.

Motorcycle Bearings

Motorcycle bearings keep everything together and ensure a smooth connection between the axle and the wheel. They also regulate the amount of heat generated as they spin. Unfortunately, bad bearings can lead to damaged bike parts and crashes. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure they are sturdy and not worn out. Moreover, if you are riding with old or worn out wheel bearings, you’ll likely experience a decrease in performance and an increase in fuel costs. Thankfully, VPW has a wide range of high-grade bearings that will fit various motorcycle make and models.

Everything You Need to Build, Repair or Restore Your Dream Motorcycle

Looking for custom motorcycle wheels in Australia? Take a look at our wide collection of wire-spoked wheels, including custom Harley front and rear wheels for sale. VPW has long been a trusted and leading supplier of aftermarket motorcycle products.You’ll find a comprehensive range of tools, parts, and supplies, such as motorcycle tyres, brake components, motorcycle accessories, and much more. Shop high-quality and durable wheels at VPW now!

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