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Motorcycle rims and wheels

Having perfectly working wheels is vital for not only performance on a motorbike, but also protection from the elements and general wear and tear. VPW has access to suppliers that engineer and manufactures the best products to ensure you will have full control of your bike.

Custom components

Are you looking to customise your bike? We have options available that will enable you to install a range of different varieties and protect them for longer including:

Wheel spacers: When you are looking to custom fit wheels or rims to your bike these will help ensure that you have the correct spacing.

Axle spacers: Allow the axles to be brought back into their original position when using aftermarket springs and shock absorbers.

Black and chrome wheels

Our steel, chrome-plated designs are highly resistant to corrosion and general wear and tear so are more likely to retain their factory shine for years to come.

Everything you need to build, repair or restore your dream motorcycle

VPW stocks a comprehensive range of parts for motorbikes including frames and components, forks and suspension, exhaust parts, and much more. Whatever project you are looking at, from a home restoration through to enhancing your performance machine, we have the highest quality parts available for the job.

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