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If you’re doing any modification or customisation work on your car, you want to check out adding a block off plate to your engine system. In fact, they’re a must if you’re doing any fuel pump conversion work, allowing you to move from a mechanical fuel pump to an electric one, sealing your engine neatly. Handily, at VPW, we have a huge range of fuel block off plates, including BBC and SBC fuel pump block off plates for Chevrolets, as well as options for Fords, Holdens and more.

Discover Reliable & Affordable Parts for Every Part of Your Engine

The VPW team understands how quickly car modifications can add up — but it’s hard to stop when you can see the huge impact a little modification can have on your car. That’s why we’re dedicated to always providing a wide range of quality yet affordable car parts, including plenty to modify and customise your engine. For instance, feed a higher horsepower attention with our accessory drives and pulleys. But be warned, with that higher horsepower, comes a lot more torsion. However, you can fix that with the right balancers and dampers. Similarly, make sure all your new engine components are supported by a quality engine block. Then, to make sure everything is neat and tidy for quick fixes and checks, you can get plenty of sturdy brackets, like our alternator bracket range.

Your Complete Car Parts Catalogue

But we’re about more than engines at VPW. We have practically everything you could ever need for your car, whether you’re just looking to do repairs or maintenance or turn it into your dream beast. All you need to do is browse our store.

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If you’re serious about getting more from your car, make sure to grab one of our block off plates. Explore our collection now for the perfect match.

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