VPW’s Range of Gear Shifting Cables

Being able to change gears smoothly and accurately is a key component of getting the drive you want, particularly if you’re competing. If your gear shift cables aren't working correctly it affects your car's transmissions, as well as the overall vehicle performance and drive quality.

Investing in a shifter cable replacement as soon as possible is important, and here at VPW we are on hand to help. We have an extensive stock of custom gear shift cables which can be seen in our online product catalogue. Whether you are looking for a standard gear shift cable replacement or a more specific item such as an automatic transmission gear shift cable, we’ll have the parts you need to get your vehicle running at its best again.

VPW’s Wider Product Offering

By browsing our online product range, you’ll see that we have lots more to offer our customers than just shifters and parts though. We take pride in knowing our huge selection is why we are your go-to for automotive parts and tools.

Whether you need transmission parts or durable crankshafts to make your vehicle’s engine more robust, we are bound to have the specific parts needed to get your automobile back on to the road. Even when it comes to more specific items such as transmission pans, we have an extensive selection available here at VPW.

What Makes VPW Number 1?

We are proud to call ourselves Australia’s leading aftermarket automotive and motorcycle parts supplier. When you shop with us at VPW, you can browse our impressive catalogue and shop for the best automotive brands, all from the comfort of your own home.

Being auto-enthusiasts, we understand that maintaining a vehicle and ensuring it is safe and meets your needs takes time, effort and money. This is why we’ve spent years building solid relationships with the best brands in the automotive trade to secure affordable parts and the most competitive deals for our customers. We also are always expanding our product range to ensure that everyone and all their needs are catered for.

Great Gear Shift Cables & More

Get yourself into gear and shop VPW today for all your shifter cable needs at the best prices.

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