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Ask any auto enthusiast, and they'll tell you that car grease is one of those items that is essential within any toolkit. When it comes to automotive projects, there are always several components such as bearings, joints and hinges that may need a bit of automotive grease to act as a lubrication agent and get things moving as they should. However, finding the best grease for a particular issue isn't all that easy. It isn't just a case of typing' Grease for Car' to find what you are looking for. To prevent parts from sticking, squeaking or wearing out prematurely, you need to find the right product type.

Thankfully, when it comes to automotive projects, you've come to the right place. Here at VPW, we stock an extensive range of grease products. From wheel bearing grease, which is designed to work well in high-temperature environments, to waterproof grease that can help shield parts of the vehicle exposed to the elements from moisture damage or general corrosion, VPW has it all. If you are looking for a valuable product to keep on hand, then an excellent multipurpose grease product should do the trick. At the same time, heavy-duty grease might be needed for those demanding situations.

We even stock some very specialist types of grease items such as marine grease, which specifically targets fresh water and saltwater corrosion; and racing grease that has been designed for the extreme operating conditions like racing. We even boast several synthetic grease items within our car care product range to suit your needs.

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Beyond VPW's complete range of automotive grease products, VPW likes to pride itself on being the one-stop shop for all sorts of automotive products, parts and tools. Simply browse our online product catalogue features an excellent array of automotive items. Find everyday products, like brake fluid and engine oil to stay on top of essential general vehicle maintenance. If you’re looking to get more from your car, our range of engine oil additives is where it’s at. You can also get hydraulic oil for improved hydraulic system life and reduced wear, and transmission fluid to handle seal leaks and eliminate rough shifting. Plus, we also have suspension additives to reduce friction and improve handling for fast driving and racing.

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First things first: as Australia's leading aftermarket automotive parts supplier, our customers are treated like family from the moment they first interact with us. While VPW has grown to have a global distribution network, we have always endeavoured to provide our customers with an exceptional personalised service. Not to mention, you get access to an impressive catalogue featuring products from the best brands in the industry.

Plus, as auto enthusiasts ourselves, we know that automotive projects don't come cheap. It’s why we've worked hard to build relationships with the best brands to secure the most competitive prices for you. We genuinely want the best for your vehicle — and we want you to get it without breaking the bank.

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From car grease to multi-purpose grease, you’ll find what you need at VPW.

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