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Performance automotive radiators

Stock radiators are not going to handle the stress and heat of a performance vehicle. VPW has the best aftermarket solutions available here in Australia. These have been manufactured from leading suppliers with improved thermal capacity and a better ability to transfer heat than stock options.

We have universal parts available to fit into a wide range of makes and models of performance vehicles. If you require customised, direct-fit options, our expert team can assist with this.

Browse our range to find the right option for your vehicle, or call our team for all the advice you need to get the best solution for your ride.

Race radiators for Australian enthusiasts

Streetcar radiators are primarily used to keep the engine and fluids cool, but a race vehicle has much higher requirements than that. You want to find that perfect spot at high speeds where the engine is not too hot and not too cold, then maintain that sweet spot.

Generating the optimal amount of horsepower is just as important as protecting your engine and components from wear and tear. Our race radiators have been engineered to keep your motor within that perfect range under all conditions. Push your vehicle to its limits without worrying about the impact on your machine.

Aluminium radiators

When you are looking for the best performance, you can't go wrong with aluminium radiators. When you want to get up to speed quickly, this element is the perfect option as it is an excellent conductor of heat.

Aluminium is lightweight, rust and corrosion-resistant, provides high efficiency and will last much longer than copper brass options.

Chevy parts

Chevy motors are legendary. You can easily modify a Chevy with aftermarket parts of your choice to build the engine of your dreams.

It all started with the Chevrolet 265 back in 1955 before the Chevy 350 became the standard for enthusiasts, professional racers and anyone with a passing interest in performance vehicles.

Chevy engines are highly affordable and easy to upgrade. Their parts are simple to source, and they are extremely powerful – even their stock engines. Modifying your Chevy means it will have different cooling requirements, and VPW has a wide range of professional solutions that will deliver the right balance of power and protection.

Custom cooling systems for your ride, Australia-wide delivery

Are you looking for a bespoke solution for your vehicle? The team at VPW lives and breathes motorsport, and we can assemble the right option for your requirements. Our team is available to chat now, so give us a call on 1300 879 879.

Looking for accessories? We stock the most reliable products on the market, including hose kits, overflow tanks, filler necks and caps.

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