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Wheels designed for performance vehicles

Whether you have a classic muscle car that is mostly used for cruising around and display shows, a car for the track, or even your daily driver, we have you covered with our massive range of rims, tyres and wheel packages.

These rims and tyres are going to give you a range of competitive advantages and are also available in a wide range of styles to suit your personality and make your vehicle stand out. All of these options have been sourced from the most reputable manufacturers so you can be assured of their quality and longevity and we have different wheels available for different purposes including:

Street: A range of striking designs made from the toughest materials that are going to help you complete the look on your street vehicle for display and while you are rolling.

Chrome: Don't let rust and corrosion ruin the look of your vehicle. Chrome is going to look better for longer.

Drag: Get every aerodynamic advantage you can with dedicated anti-drag wheels that will lighten the load on your vehicle, reduce instances of drag and also make your car, truck or whatever vehicle you are tearing down the straight in look fantastic.

Racing: When you are competing you need every advantage and specialised rims. Our range is wider to provide the right grip and traction, assist in better handling and cornering, reduce fuel consumption and tyre wear and the designs we have on offer are going to make your vehicle look fantastic as well.

Machined-face wheels: For the best shine on your wheels, machined options are essential. When you want to show off your pride and joy these rims are going to stand out.

We also stock a wide range of accessories including centre caps, plugs to cover up lug nuts, aluminium wheel spacers, beadlock rings, bearings and more. Also, be sure to check out our range of rim and tyre packages while we also stock a wide variety of other components to enhance your steering and handling including:


Match up your rims with the best tyres in the business from the biggest brands. These are no regulation tyres, with extra-wide options, drag slicks, radials and options that are going to allow you to get the best out of your racing vehicle.


High-quality parts for your steering and suspension system are integral for a safe performance vehicle and we stock bolts, u-joints, shocks, nuts, rod, couplers and much more all crafted from the most durable materials and designed to stand the test of time.

Brake parts

Being able to stop at high speeds requires brake parts that are strong and reliable which you will find in all of the parts in our range. Options to suit a wide variety of performance cars and motorcycles so you can have complete faith in your stopping power.

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