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Looking for high-grade auto parts for your chassis fabrication work? Get them at VPW! Our wide range of durable, high-grade chassis fabrication parts will help you build your dream car. So you can have whatever you want for your personalised fabrication project, such as engine mounts, weldable fittings and more! With our aftermarket fabrication parts, you can get all your favourite features on your car while ensuring they are configured specifically for you.

A Wide Range of Chassis & Fabrication Parts

All vehicles are built on their frame or chassis, holding every component of your car in place. That’s why it’s crucial to have all car parts fit your chassis perfectly, moving and working together as smoothly as possible. Thankfully at VPW, you can find all the aftermarket parts you need to build a perfectly balanced chassis where all your preferred details and features can fit in. We ensure all our fabrication parts are constructed from high grade materials and well-made so they can take all the weight and stress your chassis components may bear. Check out some of our aftermarket parts to help you with chassis customisation, including:

Strut Tower Bracing

Give your chassis better support with our high-quality strut tower bracing. These braces reduce chassis flex, giving you better handling under tight conditions. In effect, strut tower bracing will provide you with an overall improved suspension and handling performance.

K-Member & Support Braces

Make significant room in your car’s engine bay with tubular K-members and support braces. They’re an excellent solution to decrease your car’s weight and increase header and oil pan clearance. Engineered with robust materials and innovative designs, these support braces are durable and capable of holding a lot of weight. Plus, you’ll find some of our K-Members are built with engine mount attachment points to suit both factory and aftermarket engine mounts.

Frame Rails

Ensure a strong car foundation with our robust, durable frame rails! Since your vehicle’s foundation, drivetrain, and suspension are held here, having high-grade frame rails will prevent you from having structural issues caused by rust or accidents.

Bump Steer Kits & Components

Improve your steering predictability and control with our bump steer kits and components! These kits can replace your factory-made outer tie rods and adjusting sleeves to get stronger, longer, billet-steel sleeves that allow better manoeuvrability.

Get Impressive Custom Chassis Components in Australia with VPW’s Aftermarket Parts

Find top-rated custom car chassis parts in Australia here at VPW! As one of the leading and most trusted suppliers of aftermarket auto products, our company works hard to give you a complete line of high-quality car parts and supplies! This includes custom chassis parts to provide you with a strong, durable, and customisable foundation for your vehicle. So shop chassis fabrication parts at VPW now, and customise your dream car now!

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