Increase Your Fuel Efficiency With an EFI System

If a part of your car’s fuel system breaks down, your car ain’t moving. A well-maintained fuel and air system is crucial for your car to function properly. So if a part begins to malfunction, then it’s time to get it replaced. That’s why VPW offers a huge range of air and fuel system parts including fuel pumps, intake manifolds, and fuel rails. Plus, our expert team will endeavour to help get you the parts you need for repairs or modifications.

Why We Love EFI Systems

Have you ever wanted to stop spending so much money on fuel and more on the things you love? Are you tired of your engine flooding and hesitating, or having to sit in the cold struggling to start your car? Converting from a carburettor to an EFI system may sound daunting, but it could be the best choice for you. Modern EFI systems can meter out fuel, as well as air into your fuel system. This ratio affects your engine’s power and car’s speed. If you want to upgrade to an EFI system or just replace parts of your existing system, we’ll help you find the parts you need. For air fuel separator systems that will keep your engine combusting, you can trust VPW.

Let Your Engine Breathe With Better Air Filters

At VPW, the range of car air filters is perfect for any model or application you could have. With more surface area than conventional air cleaners, as well as being washable and reusable, they deliver higher performance than standard air filters. Plus, they come in a large variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit any classic or new car.

Find Fuel Injectors, Intake Manifolds & Fuel Rails for Increased Power

VPW’s range of fuel injectors includes some of the most advanced multi-port fuel injector technology yet. Our product range has fuel injectors engineered for increased power, throttle response and capacity. This means they can operate at higher fuel pressures without losing metering control. We also have intake manifolds and fuel rails that are perfect for repairing or modifying any make or model of car.

Check Out Carburettor Components for Classic Cars

For that classic car look and feel, we also stock carburettors and carburettor components. The VPW range features components to improve air/fuel distribution, as well as improve engine appearance. We have components available in various thickness with gaskets and mounting hardware included, too. So, whatever the make and model of your car, you’ll find all your carburettor components in one easy place.

Where to Find the Perfect Fuel & Air Systems

A car is more than a machine; it’s an engineering marvel. For many of us, life without our cars would never be the same. That’s why our expert team always works hard to find quality parts at affordable prices so that you can keep your car in perfect shape. If you want to put the fire back into your engine, find your ideal fuel and air system parts at VPW today!

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