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Just as you want your fuel gauge to tell you how much fuel is remaining, you also want your oil pressure gauge to tell you what’s going on inside your car. Unfortunately, as time wears on, so do gauges wear out. Your readings will become approximate rather than accurate.

If it’s been some time since you changed your oil pressure gauge—or if you’ve never changed it at all—the reading you’re seeing may be at least somewhat removed from reality. It may be time to update your oil pressure gauge to keep things slick and ensure that your car is not left running high and dry. You can even change things up with a slick, stylish and reliable Autometer oil pressure gauge.

Oil Pressure Gauge Basics

In essence, an oil pressure gauge provides a reading for the oil pressure level in your car’s engine. This insight sheds light on the health and performance of your engine’s lubrication system. Just as blood pressure indicates cardiovascular health and how well the heart is ticking, oil pressure reflects engine health and the force with which the oil pump is performing. The key difference between human and car anatomies, of course, is that the former generates its own blood while the latter needs its lifeblood—oil—topped up. Herein lies the importance of the oil pressure gauge: it lets us know when oil is low and prompts us to replenish the supply.

For most vehicles, a healthy oil pressure will fall between 138 to 414 kilopascals (kPa). Please note that if your vehicle’s make, model or engine type varies from the norm, a healthy oil pressure may look different for you. For the most accurate insight, it’s best to refer to your vehicle’s user manual. In any case, if your oil pressure gauge needle drops below the normal range, you’ll need to stop driving ASAP to avoid damage or expensive repairs.

How Are Your Other Gauges Faring?

There are all sorts of things going on inside your car, and oil pressure is just one part of it. At VPW, we stock a pressure gauge for every occasion so that you can keep on top of your car’s health and performance. If you want to keep things moving, perhaps a new fuel gauge will give the accurate reading you need. Or, if you want to either prevent overheating or give your engine enough time to warm up, it may pay to keep your finger on the pulse with a new temperature gauge.

Shop Oil Pressure Gauge Kits With VPW

If you’re gauging VPW as the place to go for an accurate and high-performing pressure gauge, then you’re correct. Check out our collection of oil pressure gauges and kits to find the perfect stand-in for your failing gauge. With so many types available for different vehicles, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Hit us up if you need a hand!

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