AERO4 Big Brake Rear Kits

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Get maximum braking power with AERO4 big Brake Rear Kits! With oversized brake pads and callipers, you'll get enhanced stopping capacity with your big brake upgrade.

The Advantages of Big Brake Kits

Big brake kits, like Wilwood’s AERO4 and AERO6 range, let you achieve the ultimate stopping power for your vehicle. The upgraded design of the kits, including new brake technology, drastically reduces brake fades. Plus, they continually cool down and refresh the brake pads surface under braking. Moreover, these big brake hardware kits are designed for a sweat-free installation with minimal tools required.

What Will You Get with AERO4 Big Brake Rear Kits?

AERO Rotors

The AERO rotors are innovatively designed to improve your rotor airflow. These rotors incorporate AeroVanes, which are specifically engineered and patented for optimum cooling. This means greater heat capacity and reduced brake fade for your vehicle.


We're proud to say our callipers gained the least amount of flex and deflection compared to 25 of the leading calliper models from the most reputable brands in the world. With our patented bolt-in bridge, our range of callipers use traditional metalwork and design; only they are engineered to provide up to a 20% weight reduction.

Brake Pads

You'll also get sport-performance brake pads for superior braking capacity. These brake pads are designed for light-duty track use and high-performance street driving. With low dust formulation, these pads leave your heels cleaner and rotor-friendly.

Brake Lines

Our high-grade braided stainless steel lines offer a quicker, firmer, and more consistent pedal response through maintaining constant brake pressure. Moreover, these stainless steel lines give extra protection and precision brake modulation, especially during threshold braking.

Mounting Brackets and Hardware

Get specialised hardware that is stronger and more durable than most competitors. Our hardware uses studs, which are more secure than commonly used bolts and hard anodised aluminium billet construction. The studs are crafted from stainless steel and are secured with jack screws for maximum strength and durability.

Get the Aftermarket Parts You Need at VPW

We work hard to give you a complete line of automotive products, including all components for your vehicle's brake system. Find more amazing options in our range of brake hardware kits. Try our carbon rear brake kits for improved handling and a smoother driving experience. Or if you want to upgrade your classic car, our easy-to-install classic series dynalite is just the thing. We also have combination parking brakes, calipers and 1pc rotors rear b. These use hydraulic pressure for improved stopping power, along with an internal mechanical lock to function as a parking brake. If you have a big brake front kit, these are a good balance for the rear. Explore our collection now and get the best fit for your vehicle and needs!

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