Assure a steady, precise metered flow of nitrous and fuel for reliability. Backed with years of laboratory research, as well as dyno and drag strip testing. NOS Injector Plates are available for those who want to build their own system or upgrade their current nitrous system without having to go through the expense of a new complete system. Unless specified, NOS Injector plates incorporate a low profile (1/2 thick) design and are constructed of solid billet or die cast aluminum with a durable black finish. Included are all applicable gaskets, studs, jets and plumbing.

  • Includes ½ inch thick low profile design polished aluminum plate offering excellent nitrous and fuel distribution
  • Offers steady & precise metered nitrous flow
  • Features red & blue nozzles and hardware
  • Plate features a polished finish
  • Designed for 6-71 or 8-71 Roots style superchargers
  • Includes jetting for 175 horsepower
  • Adjustable up to 250 horsepower
  • Includes applicable gaskets, studs, jets, plumbing, and instructions