NOS Turbo Nitrous Systems are designed to be the perfect compliment to a factory or aftermarket turbocharged engine. From a standing start and during low or mid-range RPM - before the turbo is at full boost- nitrous will eliminate all turbo lag, providing instant torque gains. In addition to adding 30-40% extra HP and torque (depending on the base engine), the nitrous oxide acts as an additional intercooler, as it is injected into the intake at -127°F and as it mixes with incoming air, the intake charge can drop by as much as 75°F. These kits are fully adjustable for various power settings.

  • Includes ½ inch thick low profile design polished aluminum plate offering excellent nitrous and fuel distribution and blue bottle kit
  • Drops intake temperatures for more dense intake charge
  • Features red and blue nozzles and hardware for modern look
  • Includes 6061-T6 aluminum 10 lb. blue nitrous bottle with brackets
  • Includes jetting for 175 horsepower
  • Adjustable From 80 To 200+ Horsepower
  • Designed for 6-71 or 8-71 Roots style superchargers
  • Includes applicable gaskets, studs, jets, plumbing, and instructions