Lucas Synthetic Motor Oils are ideal for use on the street and are a high quality blend of synthetic oils selected to provide superior protection and performance in your engine. They extend all the benefits of the Synthetic Racing Oils to your vehicle on the street, offering you protection both in normal useage and in the event of a problem. They are ideally suited to engines new and old and with the range of blends offered you are sure to find one to meet your needs. The synthetic oils are especially well suited to modern cars. Our Synthetic Stabilizer can also be of benefit to you, offering protection to your engine and helping it run quieter. Lucas Synthetic High Performance Motor Oils is a formulation of high quality synthetic base stocks and an exclusive high performance additive package. It's an ideal on track/off track lubricant that ensures minimum drag for maximum fuel mileage, and easy cold weather starting. The user can expect maximum protection from wear even with extended drain intervals. The exclusive additive package in Lucas Synthetic Motor Oil range insures extra protection and longer oil life in turbocharged engines. The user can expect lower oil temperatures and more miles between overhauls.