At the heart of any performance vehicle is the exhaust system. Hooker with its classic heart logo has been at the core of the exhaust industry for decades. Many of the most powerful vehicles on the planet have used Hooker Headers. Hooker continues to push the boundaries of performance with the new Blackheart line of performance exhaust systems for popular late model vehicles. The Blackheart line is truly a platform designed full exhaust program. From the cylinder head flange to the tailpipe, the Blackheart line is engineered to provide maximum exhaust velocity, ground clearance, style, performance, and quality!

  • When it's time to tear the heart out of the competition - choose Blackheart!

    • No Welding Required
    • Great Solution for EFI Conversions
    • Cast from 304 Stainless Steel for longevity
    • Available in 2.25”, 2.5” and 3”
    • Easy Three Step Installation: Drill Hole, Clamp-On Cast O2 Bung, Install Sensor
    • Includes Cast 304SS O2 Bung, Two Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps, Heavy Duty Sealing Gasket
    • Service Replacement Oxygen Sensor Clamp-On Kit for Sniper EFI TBI Systems