The NOS Refill Station is designed for performance retailers in the business of refilling nitrous bottles or racers who use a substantial amount of nitrous oxide. It's safe, easy, and quick; taking only a minute or two to accomplish. Gone are the days of freezing the receiving bottle overnight in order to get a full bottle the next day. The Refill Station comes complete with all the plumbing, hoses, gauge, valve, fittings, and bottle stand necessary to transfill nitrous from a mother cylinder to the receiving bottle instantly. NOS offers a water separator with built-in pressure regulator/filter recommended for use with our pump. The pump runs off your shop's compressed air and requires no electrical hook-up. NOS publishes a dealer network list of nitrous refill dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you would like to be part of this service, call NOS at 270-781-9741 or visit

Scale, Mother Bottle, Nitrous Bottle, and Air Compressor must be purchased separately. An accurate scale will need to be purchased separately, since nitrous bottles are filled by weight.

  • Safe, Easy, & Quick way to Refill Nitrous Bottles
  • Takes A Minute Or Two for many Refills
  • Requires No Electrical Connections, Uses Compressed Air for Filling
  • Complete With Plumbing and Hoses
  • Includes Gauge and Valve
  • Includes all Fittings Except Compressor Supply
  • Includes Mother Bottle Stand
  • Instant Nitrous Refills
  • Partial Kit - Scale Must be Purchased Separately