Featuring Center Line's classic racing & street wheels with the convulted outer. Center section is a satin/machine finish; the outer is brilliantly finished to a hi-polish shine for a striking contrast. 4 or 5-lug. 15 diameter in various widths (4 to 15). Spindle mount wheels posted separately on website, just click back. Widths 10 & up are listed under Convo Pro Rear. Typically to fit any diamter wider than 9 inches, requires careful measuring and/or modifications to the vehicle -- wider sizes tend to fit the rear only. 16x16 for racing applications (see convo pro rear; offered with or without beadlock). Fits bolt patterns: 4-4.25, 4-4.5, 5-4.0, 5-4.25, 5-4.5, 5-4.75, 5-5.0, 5-5.5 racing. Fits cars: Chevy, GM, Ford, Dodge, Pontiac, Chrysler, Mopar and many more. Technical Specifications Modular aluminum wheel manufactured by riveting two wheel halves together back to back. 1525 lb. load rating per wheel w/ 30 max tire diameter (OK to run taller drag slicks). Wheels are light weight and designed for performance on the track & street. Attn racers: 15x3.5 spindle mount tested to 15.2 spec; 15x15 & 16x16 tested to 15.3 spec.