Dry Sump Pump, Tri-Lobe, Left Side, Dragster, 5 Stage, .900 Pressure, Each


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Dry Sump Pump, Five Stage, Driver's Side/Dragster Bracket,.900 Pressure/1.700 Scavenge Driver's/Left Side Dragster Style Bracket Tri-lobe Aluminium scavenge sections featuring individual timing gears to ensure proper clearance at the highest RPM's Spur gear pressure section based off Moroso's highly successful billet wet sump pump design Variable spring rates optimize your oil pressure for smooth, reliable oil pressure readings Saves weight and make big crankcase vacuum Includes replaceable fittings, Pressure Section -12AN inlet, -12AN Outlet, Scavenge inlets -12AN, Return -16AN Pumps weighs almost half of gerotor pumps, and takes up to 40% less power to drive! Includes all necessary fittings


SKU MOR22435
Brand Moroso

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