Mickey Thompson has just introduced the new Pro-5 Drag Wheel line. Featured in the new line are all fully forged and CNC-machined drag racing wheels offering the lightest practical weight and the greatest strength available from any aluminum wheel today. The revolutionary new wheel line utilizes every technical advantage in the industry. Featuring styling cues from the original Mickey Thompson wheels sold in the 1960's, the polished 7.2 lb 15x3.5-inch bolt-on front wheels have surpassed all 15.1 S.F.I. test specifications. The proven strength and precision of the one-piece design is taken and the fully intergrated bead-lock system. The First one-piece Rear Drag Wheel with integrated Double-Bead lock system in the World. Lowest lateral and radial run-out in the industry. The lightest S.F.I. Certified Drag wheels in the world. No welding in the rim or the bead-lock components thus eliminating warp and metal fatigue caused by heating/cooling.