4 Vane Enhanced Design Vacuum Pump With Oil Pump Bracket & Drive.This is a made to order part, please contact our Tech Department at (203-458-0546) for assistance. SBC, Driver's/Left Side Bracket This kit includes a Moroso Tri-lobe Single Stage Oil Pump with a Moroso Enhanced Design 4-Vane Vacuum Pump driven off the back By driving the V-band clamp attached vacuum pump off the back of the oil pump this creates a compact weight saving design with one belt only being utilized Single stage external Tri-lobe oil pump is included that has a spur gear 1.200 pressure section, eliminates the spark scatter and camshaft loads that come with an internal pump. Has replaceable fittings, -16AN inlet, -12AN outlet Enhanced Design 4-Vane Vacuum Pump is included that pulls more vacuum and is designed with maintenance-free precision sealed roller bearings. Has replaceable -12AN Inlet and Outlet fittings V-band clamp is included