NOS now offers Super Hi-Flo bottle valve assemblies w/ the siphon tube and pressure gauge for 12 lbs. carbon fiber bottles. This is a great way to upgrade to the highest flowing valve and tube NOS has to offer. Key bottle valve features include 1/8 NPT gauge port, 1/4 NPT accessory port, and large internal and outlet ports, along with an O-ring seal. The 3/8 ID screw-on siphon tube is made from 6061 aluminum and can be used as an upgrade for an older style compression siphon tube. Each gauge assembly includes a black or blue 1-1/2 nitrous gauge with easy-to-see color graduations and a white pointer. These gauges are made with a stainless steel case with brass internal parts.

  • Fits NOS 12 lbs. Carbon Fiber Nitrous bottles
  • Super Hi-Flow assembly features siphon tube and nitrous pressure gauge already installed
  • Great way to update a bottle to the best flowing valve NOS offers
  • Valve has large internal ports for superior flow and an O-ring bottle seal
  • Siphon tube is made from 6061 aluminum and 3/8” I.D. for maximum flow
  • 1-1/2” diameter nitrous pressure gauge features stainless steel and brass construction providing accurate pressure measurement
  • Assembly is designed to Support 500+ Horsepower