These new sockets are designed to allow easy maintenance & rebuilding of NOS solenoids using a 3/8 ratchet or torque wrench. Each socket is made from billet 2024 aluminum w/ stainless steel pins that fit into the retaining nut on the solenoid. Choose from the small or large body socket, based in the solenoid you want to service. Black anodized finish. Sold individually.

Use the small body socket 16003NOS w/ solenoids: 18005NOS, 18020NOS, 18020BNOS, 18050NOS, 18050BNOS, 18055NOS, 18055BNOS, 18080NOS, 18080BNOS, and 18087NOS

Use the large body socket 16004NOS w/ solenoids: 18000NOS, 18000BNOS, 18010NOS, 18018NOS, 18045NOS, 18045BNOS, 18048RNOS, 18070NOS, 18178NOS, and 18178BNOS

  • CNC’d Billet 2024 Aluminum Construction w/ Stainless Steel Pins
  • Dimensions – Small Tool: 1.00” Diameter, Body Length 2.5”, Overall Length 2.625”, Pin Diameter 7/64”, and Pin Spacing 0.767”
  • Dimensions – Large Tool: 1.32” Diameter, Body Length 2.5”, Overall Length 2.625”, Pin Diameter 9/64”, and Pin Spacing 1.075”
  • Use w/ Standard 3/8” Drive Ratchet or Torque Wrench
  • Optional Wrench Hex at Top of Each Socket
  • Ideal for Rebuilding Solenoids – Allows Use of Torque Wrench for Accurate & Reliable Solenoid Assembly Process
  • These Sockets May Also Work w/ Other Brand Solenoids – Measure Pin Spacing to Confirm Fitment