NOS has developed our first dedicated DRY nitrous Fogger© nozzles specifically designed for use with multi-stage, direct port, Electronic Fuel Injected applications.

Titanium is the basis for this 3 stage dry nozzle. Ideal for the application where 2 stages are just not enough. They can also be combined with the Ti2, 2-stage nozzles, to get that 5-stage nitrous system going strong. Made from billet Titanium, they are strong as steel and light as aluminum. If you're looking for the ultimate in dry, direct port, technology, this is it.

  • Titanium construction for light weight, strength and durability
  • 3-Stage Direct Port Applications
  • For Dry Nitrous Use
  • Straight (180 Degree) Spray Pattern
  • 1/16” NPT Threads
  • Internal profiling maximizes flow