The NOS Dry Crosshair Plate Only kit is specifically designed to be used with an EFI system, such as the Holley HP or Dominator, that can add the required fuel and adjust spark advance for a Dry type of nitrous system. The kit includes a billet 1.125 thick nitrous plate with a unique cross-bar nitrous configuration. The Dry Crosshair has 4 stainless steel, 44 hole, crossed nitrous spray bars that can be configured as 1 very large stage using all 4 spray bars, 2 stages with 2 spray bars each or 4 individually controlled stages with 1 spray bar each.

  • Specifically designed for use with EFI Systems
  • 1.125 NOS Blue Anodized Plate
  • 4500 Style Mounting Flange
  • Longer Mounting Studs
  • 4 cross bar, 44 hole, Stainless Nitrous Spray Bars
  • 2 - 4500 Plate Gaskets