Hooker continues to set the standard of performance with the Blackheart line of engine swap system components. We are proud to offer these two engine swap transmission crossmembers for 1979-1993 Ford Mustangs, which provide an efficient way to install popular GM (LS swaps), Ford (Coyote swaps), or Tremec (LS and Coyote swaps) transmissions into these cars as part of an engine swap project.

Each are designed specifically for use with Hooker Blackheart engine mounting brackets/methods and provide high-clearance exhaust arches that directly accommodate the tube bend geometry of the Hooker Blackheart headers and exhaust systems developed for engine swaps in these cars.

  • Comprehensively designed as part of the Hooker Blackheart 1979-1993 Mustang LS and Coyote engine swap systems; bolt-in compatible with Hooker Blackheart LS/Coyote engine mounting brackets, headers and exhaust systems
  • CAD designed to optimize strength, stiffness and component/exhaust system clearances
  • Powder coated steel construction provides effective and attractive transmission support solution for many popular transmissions
  • Installation hardware included