Hooker Blackheart has quickly become the leader in engine swaps and we are excited to announce new products for 1979-95 Fox Body/SN95 Mustangs. The Hooker Blackheart 71221022HKR LS engine mounting brackets are designed for use with the AJE MU-40UM K-member and Hooker 71222015HKR (1983-93 only) and 71222016HKR transmission crossmembers on 1979-93 Mustangs only. This parts combination locates the engine in the stock position (height, offset and inclination angle) to ensure the compatibility of Hooker Blackheart LS swap headers and exhaust systems co-developed for this application.

  • Designed specifically for use with the AJE MU-40UM K-member
  • Bolt-in compatible with Hooker Blackheart Mustang LS swap 70101350-RHKR and 70101351-RHKR headers
  • Requires the use of an aftermarket extended length steering shaft
  • Compatible with all Holley and Weiand LS swap oil pans