Hooker BlackHeart has quickly become the leader in LS engine swaps and we are excited to announce new products for 96-04 Ford Mustangs with GM LS engines. The new Hooker Blackheart LS swap engine adapter plates are designed to be used with Hooker Blackheart 71222012HKR or 71222013HKR transmission crossmembers for 1996-1998 cars, or 71222013HKR or BHS507 for 1999-2004 cars.

  • Comprehensively designed as an integral part of the complete Hooker LS engine swap system for 1996-2004 Ford Mustangs; provides maximized level of inter-component compatibility
  • Designed specifically for use on 1996-2004 factory stock Mustang engine K-members (not intended for use with any aftermarket engine K-members)
  • Designed for use with commonly available stock rubber, or aftermarket Prothane™ polyurethane engine mounts for Ford Mustang 4.6L mod-motor engines for easy, long-term serviceability
  • Design geometry replicates stock 4.6L Mod-Motor crankshaft height/offset for optimized vehicle and component compatibility
  • High strength/low allow steel construction provides desirable balance of strength, stiffness, weight and cost
  • Zinc plated finish provides attractive corrosion-resistant appearance
  • Provides bolt-in compatibility with Hooker/Holley LS swap transmission crossmembers, headers, exhaust systems and oil pans for SN95 Mustangs
  • All hardware included
  • Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty