The Hooker Attitude exhaust valve controller (EVC) is a fully programmable exhaust valve control system adaptable to just about any vehicle. This kit allows the user to transform the vehicle's one dimensional exhaust system into a fully programmable multi-mode exhaust management system, capable of load based fully active valve positioning. It offers the street manners of a quiet exhaust and can go to full race with the drop of your right foot! No other exhaust valve system comes close to the versatility of the Hooker Attitude EVC.

  • Continuously variable valve position offers tuning options not possible with conventional exhaust cut outs
  • Weld-on valve for use with tubing up to 3 OD
  • OBDII connectivity for TPS and RPM inputs (most vehicles 98 newer)
  • Analog TPS and RPM inputs for non OBDII equipped vehicles (PN: 71013002-RHKR accessory harness kit required)
  • Built in MAP sensor for vehicles not equipped with a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) – Great for carbureted vehicles!
  • Analog inputs and outputs for creating custom controls (PN: 71013002-RHKR accessory harness kit required)
  • Full color, backlit 3.5 Touch Screen LCD for easy adjustments
  • Quick and easy installation and setup
  • 3 preloaded sound maps TOURING - SPORT - RACE for out of the box performance
  • Manual mode for fixed valve position, adjustable from 0-100%
  • 1 Programmable valve mapping table for custom programing
  • Customizable load and RPM axis tables for even more advance tuning
  • SD Card slot for updates and file sharing
  • Designed to work with any universal mufflers, resonators and/or vehicle specific applications
  • Perfect solution for tracks with sound requirements, allowing simple adjustability while maintaining maximum performance