This Hooker BlackHeart LS Swap transmission mount adapter kit is part of the most comprehensively engineered system of mounting components, headers and exhaust systems available for this application.
  • The entire Hooker BlackHeart swap system is designed to decrease your total swap installation effort and cost while increasing the engineered quality of your vehicle and compatibility of this component with other popular aftermarket components.

    • Machined aluminum construction
    • Designed as part of a fully-engineered LS swap mounting system
    • Facilitates installation of a GM 4L60-4L70 transmission into any LS swapped 1968-72 A-bodyutilizing the Hooker 71222007HKR transmission crossmember
    • Designed for compatibility with an aftermarket Prothane 7-1604 polyurethane transmission mount or a stock replacement rubber mount of equivalent installed heightn
    • Spacer only-bolts not included