These Hooker BlackHeart engine swap mounting brackets facilitate the installation of an GM LS motor into a 1978-88 A/G-Body as part of your LS swap project. This mounting bracket kit is part of the most comprehensively engineered system of mounting components, headers and exhaust systems available for this application. The entire Hooker BlackHeart swap system is designed to decrease your total swap installation effort and cost, while increasing the engineered quality of your vehicle and compatibility of these components with other popular aftermarket components.

LS Oil Pan 302-2 can be used with these mounts

** Please read the provided instructions thoroughly before attempting installation.

TH350 Transmissions can reuse the factory transmission crossmember, but the slots in the center of the crossmember will need to be elongated in the forward direction.

  • Specifically designed for bolt-in compatibility with the Hooker BlackHeart transmission swap components
  • Fully compatible with Holley LS swap oil pan 302-2 and accessory drive brackets.
  • Provides an engineered 3 to 3.5 degree engine/transmission inclination angle that is critical to obtaining usable U-joint working angles (especially in lowered vehicles)
  • Mounting hardware included