LS/LT swap 4L80/4L85 automatic transmission crossmember

  • Facilitates installation of a 4L80/4L85 GM automatic transmission behind an LS engine in any year 1st-gen F-body or 3rd-gen X-body
  • Designed using CAD modeling/FEA analysis for optimal fitment, strength, weight, safety and appearance
  • High-strength low-alloy steel construction
  • Provides an engineered 3 to 3.5 degree engine/transmission inclination angle that is critical to obtaining suitable U-joint working angles, when installed with Hooker 1st-gen F-Body & X-body LS engine swap brackets
  • Designed in conjunction with Hooker 1st-gen F-body & X-body LS/LT engine swap brackets to provide bolt-in installation of Hooker LS swap headers and exhaust systems for this application
  • Installation requires use of transmission mount 71223029HKR (black) or 71223030HKR (red)
  • Provides the highest clearance available for up to 3 exhaust system routing