American Autowire Highway 15 wiring harness kits are powerful little brutes! Built with the same heavy-duty internal components as the Highway 22s, the small-size Highway 15 panel can easily handle the basic power requirement of your vehicle. The ability to meet high power demands and their compact size make these kits the perfect power center for your roadster, T-bucket, kit, or race car where basic operational circuits are required. Plus, their clamp-style system makes adding and removing wires easy! When you're down to the wire, the choice is easy--American Autowire!Highway 15 kits features:* Modular fuse panel for added flexibility in mounting* 175 amp Mega-Fuse protection* Self-locking, screw-down, vibration-proof connections * Headlight, dimmer, and ignition switches * Extra-long wire lengths for custom wire routing* Full-color schematics and instructions