Wide (180 tire) versions of our stock width FXR frames above, except these are supplied with our wide tire swingarm kit, complete with raw rear fork, offset pivot blocks, wide axle, spacer, pulley spacer and related hardware
  • These frames allow the builder to run a 180 tire with stock width rear belt or 200 tire with a chain
  • Frames come complete with flatside gas tank mounts welded to each frame
  • They are designed to accept Big Twin forward controls and the swingarms will accept stock FXR caliper brackets
  • Use FXE style fender struts with these frames, as well as our K90109 polished stainless winged oil tank
  • Each frame is crafted from the highest quality steel tubing, 1-1/4 in. diameter (1-3/4 in. backbone), mandrel bent and carefully welded to meet our uncompromising standards
  • Available with two neck rake angles, 34 deg. and 38 deg.. . .both with a front leg stretch of 2 in.