Top Fuel and Funny Car contenders have relied on the Alumastar PRO wheel for many years. This wheel has been so successful and durable in the Nitro classes that the world's first SFI 15.3 wheel has become a fundamental requirement in Pro Modified competition. Alumastar PRO features an exclusive 18-bolt aero-design Beadlock system for superior clamping force over other designs. A non-beadlock alternative of the Alumastar PRO is also available exclusively for use with a liner tire. The centers are forged 6061-T6 to handle the stress and sheer power of the 10,000+ machines. 3-Piece forged construction Optimized for weight reduction Black anodized or polished finish Forged 6061 beadlock rings SFI 15.3 certified Non-beadlock liner wheel available Matching Frontrunners available in 15, 17, and 18 Made in Kansas City, USA