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2 Bolt Exhaust Flanges

Vibrant Performance stainless steel exhaust flanges are available in a choice of 2-bolt, 3-bolt or 4-bolt configurations. All exhaust flanges are 3/8 in. thick and are offered in sizes ranging from 2 in. to 4 in. I.D. You can ensure a more accurate, leak-proof seal for your exhaust components by using exhaust flanges together with Vibrant exhaust flange gaskets. These stainless steel flanges are available individually or sold in a set.

PartNo Matching Gasket PartNo
VBT-1470 VBT-1455
VBT-1471 VBT-1456
VBT-1472 VBT-1457
VBT-1474 VBT-1465
VBT-1473 VBT-1458
VBT-1475 VBT-1459

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Part No. Description Price Shop
VBT-1474 2-Bolt Stainless Steel Flanges (2.75' I.D.) - Box of 5 Flanges $200.71    Add to Cart   


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